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Sea Breeze is a house meant for hosting ~ and it had a great collection of gear in the kitchen as well as beach related gear had we so chosen; given that we were there for Christmas the beach was best for walking on. The shining star of the show however were the people at Bayley Vacation Rentals. We arrived on 12/23/22 in the middle of a monster storm, flooding and then closing the access road to the house. Monique, Allison and the team kept us in the loop and then, when we were able to get there but were hopelessly lost due to the lack of visibility, talked us to the front door. A nicer and more considerate group of people we could not imagine. They brought in supplies in case the power went out ~ it didn’t ~ and responded to our few glitches quickly. The house is large, able to handle our needs with 2 energetic kids, older adults and those of us in between. Unloading the cars, in the middle of the storm, was easy-peasy as we were able to do so through the garage, staying out of the rain and whipping wind. The house was super clean, easy to navigate and had some choices for seating. Thank you for a lovely Christmas.
5-star rating
— Lisa Curtis