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Skip the Cooking on Easter

A ham dinner takes forever to cook, not to mention all the sides that go with your typical Easter meal. While running around the kitchen, making sure everything is perfect, you always run the risk of overcooking the ham and turning it into a dry, bland brick of meat. Instead of spending your Easter fretting over perfectly cooked food and who has what dietary restrictions in your family, consider dining in or ordering out this Easter Sunday. There are plenty of restaurants in the Portland area serving up delicious meals so you can relax and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

Portland Regency

The Portland Regency is housed in a historic building built in 1895 and originally served as home to the State of Maine Armory. At the time, it was considered one of the finest and best-equipped armories in New England. After WWII, however, the armory was no longer of use, and after passing through a few hands, it was eventually turned into the elegant hotel that stands today.

The Regency is offering a special brunch menu on Easter Sunday. Reservations are strongly recommended as their tables fill up quickly, and seating is limited now due to COVID. Their menu has breakfast classics such as eggs and bacon, house-made hash, and fresh fruit. Those with a more evolved palette will enjoy their spiced pear malted pancakes, chilled poach salmon topped with chive cream, or their sugar-cured bacon and brie omelet. If you have family visiting from out of state, treat them to the Maine experience by ordering the lobster benedict.

Maria’s Ristorante

Maria’s restaurant was first established in 1960 by Anthony and Madeline Napolitano. This successful Italian restaurant has remained a pillar in Portland’s restaurant scene for 60 years and is now led by the founders’ sons, Anthony and Greg Napolitano. Maria’s is typically closed on Sundays, but this year they are offering pick-up options that will be available the day before Easter on Saturday, April 3rd, after 12pm. All you need to do is grab your meal and pop it in the oven on Sunday morning, then you’re free to spend time with your family. They might even think you did all the cooking yourself if you don’t say anything!

Maria’s is offering ham and lamb dinner options, both Easter classics. But suppose you want to try something different this year. In that case, they are also serving up sausage lasagna, baked rigatoni, and chicken or eggplant parmesan. All of these delicious meals come in serving size options of two, four, six, or eight. You can also save yourself a trip to another store by adding wine or one of their famous desserts to your order.

Stroudwater Distillery

Stroudwater in Portland is renting out their fire pits this weekend for the low price of only $10 per hour. They don’t serve any food, but this is the perfect spot for after-dinner drinks in a scenic location. This distillery proudly creates its own vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey, and they have dozens of house-made cocktails to suit any palette. If you like what you taste, you can purchase a bottle to take home with you.

As mentioned, Stroudwater doesn’t typically serve food, but this week is the exception. For $15, your party can purchase a s’mores-making kit so you can enjoy dessert with your after-dinner drinks. The kit is large enough for six people to share, which is how many seats each fire pit can accommodate.

-Written by Stacy Oswald & Photo by Annie Spratt