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This is a great location, just steps from the beach and far enough outside of the OOB / pier area that we didn’t feel like we were in a crowd all the time. It was great to have an outdoor shower (attached to the big house) and a clothesline as well as a washer/dryer. Having AC was great too. The living room setup is pretty uncomfortable – tv at one end, couch not facing it, chair at the far end. Not a big deal. While we were there the valve for the hot water in the shower broke. We heard from the service guys that there was renovation planned for the coming winter that would have included the bathroom. I wish this had been addressed earlier. We ended up having to keep the hot water for the whole house turned off most of the time (otherwise, the shower could not be turned off and hot water would have run continuously). The workmen who came to look at this were very nice and friendly, I just wish I didn’t have to worry about coordinating times for home repairs while I was on vacation. (We didn’t want our dogs to be stuck in the crate all day, but we also didn’t want them bothering the workmen when they came in.) I was surprised that we weren’t offered anything (a discount, etc) for the hassle. The bathroom mirror was also cracked, and over the course of the week the crack spread from a couple of inches, to running the length of the mirror top to bottom. This also seemed like something that could have been noticed and fixed before we got there. Overall we had a great week, but the house itself could definitely use some work.
3-star rating
— Joe Montibello